Sintered mineral compact, obtained from the purest natural minerals with the most advanced technical development and avant-garde design.

Durable, elegant, and functional. The large-format XTONE surface enables for all kinds of ideas to come to life.

XTONE, a material for creativity.


Hygienic and Antibacterial – Ideal for direct contact with food, it does not release volatile organic compounds (VOC), and also prevents the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. 

Watrerproof – The non-porosity of the sintered compact prevents the absorption of liquids and gases, preventing the accumulation of odors.

Easy to Clean – Easy daily maintenance without the need for special products. Quality assured backed by the material’s 10-year guarantee.

Fire and High-Temperature Resistant – It is resistant to direct contact with hot utensils. Fireproof and fire-retardant, its look and performance are not altered.

Resistant to Ice and Frost – Stable to sudden temperature changes, it withstands the most extreme cold conditions, being suitable both indoors and outdoors.

Scratch and Impact Resistant – Extremely resistant to scratching with cutting utensils when taking minimum precautions. Capable of absorbing the energy from impacts and loads, maintaining its integrity.

Chemical and Stain Resistance – Unalterable to household chemicals and high resistance to any type of stains.

Unalterable to UV Rays – UV-resistant, it ensures unparalleled durability thanks to its surface stability.

Bending Strength – In a thickness of just 12 mm, it offers greater mechanical strength than other natural or compact surfaces.

100% Natural and Recyclable – High-quality natural minerals are sintered in a new homogeneous compound that can be completely regenerated after its life cycle.


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