The classic stone for interiors. Often light in colour, but with tones that can range from grey to black, limestone always has interesting shell and fossil patterns. Limestone is versatile and durable. It ages beautifully and only requires a little cleaning and treatment to ensure that it lasts for generations.

Examples of limestone:


The natural surface pits in travertine are usually filled with grout, leaving the stone with an aged look of instant character, or alternatively it can be finished with special resins for a more sleek appearance. A feature of travertine is the small holes that may appear in the surface from time to time – this is nothing to be concerned about as these can simply be filled with a little grout. Travertine is easy to care for but is best used in areas which are not so heavily used.

Below is a small selection of popular travertine:


Slate with its metallic colouring and natural undulations makes wonderful, characterful floors. It is very hardwearing and, because of its darker colouring, less demanding in terms of maintenance than other stone surfaces.

Slate examples: